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Request Presentations on Workers' Rights to Paid Leave in New Jersey

New Jersey is unique, we are 1 of only 4 states provides workers with paid family leave and only 1 of 10 states that guarantees workers can earn paid sick days.

But many workers have no idea about these protections, in fact research has shown that 6 of 10 New Jerseyans have no idea they are paying into a state paid family leave program!

You can help raise awareness and help more working families access the money and time they need to be able to put their families first when it's most important! Paid family leave and paid sick days have been shown to improve health and financial outcomes for working families!

We can provide free trainings to group of 5 or more and are able to tailor the workshop to the amount of time and audience and can also do it in Spanish!

Please provide us with your request. We can tailor the presentation to the audience and can present in both English and Spanish. For more information contact Yarrow at or 848-932-1294

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