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Families that Work


Paid Sick Days

Paid Family Leave for All

Fair Scheduling

Equal Pay

Families that Work is a platform of policies adopted by the NJ Time to Care Coalition that will help address issues faced by working families in New Jersey.  This fall we are holding a series of events and activities to help inform the public about these four agenda items: Paid Sick Days, Paid Family Leave for All, Fair Scheduling, and Equal Pay. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and then take action, urging candidates for Governor and local offices to support policies that help advance NJ working families lives.  We will bring fact sheets, action tools, postcards and help lead a robust discussion around what are some of the issues facing working families and proposed solutions!

Click here to sign up to organize an event for your organization, group, or informal network of contacts today!

We will come out to any group of 5 or more people in most parts of the state at the date and time that works best!